This YouTube channel is meant for only selected target audience. Our channel strives to create awareness among all the naïve people around who are in trap of those Tantric and so-called Saints. This channel aims to target those trapped blind religious followers who have been badly misguided by the Mandir Pujaris, Yog Guru, Sadhus and Sanyasis for the sake of money. We just want people around to come out of superstitions and lead a real and decent life.

Any resemblance or name of any person, organization, caste or religion used here are sheer contribution to our channel, we don’t aim to hurt or disrespect any god, religion, caste or any saint who are or had been working towards the spirituality with utmost honesty. It is because of their honest contribution, the faith and belief in spirituality are intact and alive. It is because of them, there is god fear in people’s mind. Not only this, it is because of the belief of these knowledgeable Saints; our general public are leading towards the right path with an absolute correct spirituality.

We strive to rescue our innocent people from all the deceit and foxiness present in the community. The Tantrics and Aghooris have a clear intention to make money by taking the naïve people towards hell by educating them about Tantric Vidya, Black Magic and other negative energy. All this ultimately ruins every individual’s life and then there is no come back. We aim to bring back all these lost people to the real world and help them be a part of the society of decent and honest people.

Despite of all this, if anyone still feel that we are hurting anyone’s belief, sentiments or disrespecting any religion then we whole heartedly seek an apology.

We wish for peace& harmony in the entire world, we desire to see people living in peace, love and brotherhood. Along with this we don’t want anyone to have hatred or disbelief for any religion, place or caste because of any particular ideology or teaching. Indeed we request everyone to recognize those frauds that are spreading such false ideology and understand their intention of stooping down the other religion.

If anyone ever see anyone around, who is trying to baffle people with black magic, tantric vidya, or any negative energy, then please contact us through our websitehttp://jagteraho.co.in and http://parmatmana.com/. Please write us about any such foxiness or incident happening around.

We whole-heartedly welcome all the people, who want to join us for this holy work. We will together wipe out the superstition from around us and make this place a better place to live in with peace, love and brotherhood. We will together educate people about the right culture, religion and spiritual knowledge. We need to eradicate all such Sadhu, Yogi, Tantric and Aghooris because life and death is in god’s hand and not them.

Let the truth prevail over emotions.

Any dispute will subject to Delhi Jurisdiction.

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