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Who did everything for the attainment of the divine, which the religious gurus told. Performing aarti in temples, worshiping, going to pilgrimages, bathing the Ganges, fasting, initiation, which increased every day. Chanting hundred of garlands daily. Stopped eating and drinking. Fasting of 5 years is the practice of regular worship. Whatever the guru said, he did it wholeheartedly, but God did not get it.

When even those gurus who did not explain it, how can they give it to someone else? Well, life went on. From above, the pretense of being religious increased and from within it also increased the perception that the inner is still empty. It is dark inside. More than half the age is over but God is not found.

And how will you burn until this fire is inside. And unless you burn, you are not consumed. Till then how will I erase you? How will your ego end and do you get down without me?

Similarly, as time went on, many gurus came and went. Ever went to the institutions of Krishna devotion and rubbed his head and when asked about his gurus about the divine, get an answer. Go inside the temple and see. In Kali Yuga, God is seen as an idol, then God replied to that Gola Swami, that Chola stripe, Danda Dari, that if the idol is divine then I will buy the idol and keep it in the house, then can I say that God can be found Gone. Or I have attained the divine or I have seen the divine.

That Chhola Dhari Sannyasi had no answer. Even if the answer was there, he also understood that it is not divine but the shop also had to be run. The cushion was not even handled.

Then a Gita was handed over to the divine. Take this and find an answer from it. It will get all the answers. God also read the Gita many times. But who wrote the entire Gita? Interpreted by him and in the entire interpretation, the main thing on one thing was that all the Gita written before this Gita till date is wrong and that is right. As someone has written above the Gita as it is. Someone wrote the actual form. Somebody wrote correctly, people keep misconceptions all the time.

The guru who is only saying that what I wrote is true and all the others are untrue, perhaps even he himself does not know the truth yet. He did not even get the truth. Thus many years passed. The garland count started increasing. The top of the head also started growing. The neck girdle also started growing. The thickness of the garland also started increasing, but the divine was not even around.

He was probably sitting on a distant planet, which could hardly be met or imagined even after he died. If that assumption is true that every particle has a divine being. If that belief is true that God is inscribed in the jar, then after death, you go to another planet. This is a lie How can both assumptions be true. One belief says that this is God in every particle and another belief says that he is on a distant planet. Some say it is within you, some say it is in the world.

Some say, it is not there in Baikuntha. One belief says that it is in Goloka.

God finally came to know that these people do not have answers to their questions.

Now God has turned to the hills of Uttarakhand. There also met many religious gurus, met many saints, met many gurus, but that too was of a different type. Someone was seen as being religious only to increase the Jatas. Someone was just considered religious to apply tilak. Some were sitting with curly hair as being religious and some as red clothes, tilak, kamandal, as religious. All were enamored in costumes. Somebody was torturing the body as a Naga and was sitting at the root.

Whose body does not feel cold heat, which is not even aware of bad smell from the body, the skin of hands and feet has become so thick that there is no effect of peeling stone of pebbles in it? What else can he be called if he does not have root intelligence? That is, such an animal whose skin is thick, elephant buffalo etc. should all be considered religious?

no. God did not have to be so religious too. Somebody said, if one gets divine by giving up food, then he also tried it after 5 years. The body became light and by not taking food, the disease was also free. He had become nimble but God had no idea anywhere. Yes, there were also such Mahatmas who were reciting Ahrambrahmasmi. When asked, it was known that he has been doing it since he was 10 -12 years old. A person has been chanting for 12 years. Today he turns 80. The same word ehmbrahmasmi that I am Brahma.

Will be 70 years old. Religion has not been experienced yet. What kind of means is this done for 70 years but religion has not been found yet. Not experienced yet and if it is done then why are you being chanted? That is, there is still confusion. Still life is going on in confusion. The doors are still being searched in the dark. Meaning even this practice is not good. Any Buddha who made this announcement. Ah Brahmasmi, that ghoul must have come from within him because he must have experienced it. but? Inertia How will he understand? At the root, only words will be written.

Some were doing Ganga Aarti, some were doing yoga. Some were sitting in the illusion of meditation with their eyes closed, but no one was able to see the divine. Could not even understand how he would look? Someone was turning the rosary of Dosoham, that is, we are slaves of God. It was believed that being a slave is our religion. And it was believed that God would be sitting on another planet till death.

Everyone says that he is kind, only he is merciful. People of other religions also say the same, what kind of blessing is Bismillah e Rahman e Rahim, which does not come forward. I do not understand anything, there is some difference. Somewhere there is a language which human cannot understand.

Coding that cannot be decoded. There is a defect in some language.

And the truth is that even in language, there is fault, there is defect in understanding. God had come to know that there is something which cannot be understood. Someone was turning the garland of Shivaham but Shiva could not become it. Some ego was turning the rosary of Brahmasmi, but still could not experience Brahma. Some were turning the rosary of Sohan but nothing happened to them. Rama Rama, Krishna Krishna, Shiva Shiva, all the garlands went in vain.

The cartridges left empty. No such live cartridge came out from which I could be killed. Wielded all weapons. After all, God knew that this is not the way. This is the way to end ego

Like we treat animals. To chastise So Jadmati started torturing himself. Divine ! He saw the way of this violence, looked at all the remedies, but no Mahatma could find such a person who could see the divine staring in his eyes. Some remained inert, some were criminals under the cover of religious robes

Those who changed their costumes to hide their crime were also the same. Some became religious only to feed themselves and some found those who had some cremation activities. To seduce people from them, they were sitting in the guise of Mahatma.

One thing was absolutely the same that everyone was giving more importance than being religious, how to show religious? Wearing some red clothes, wearing garlands, applying tilak, janeu, wearing a peak, were happy to consider themselves religious. Some wore white hats and considered themselves religious with a green pot. Wearing a cross and wearing some turban, he considered himself religious.

The whole world wants to be religious but all forget one thing. Where is that God, where is the God whom Krishna, Buddha, Mahavira, Mohammed, Jesus, Nanak, Kabir used to talk about.

Where is the one who looked in the eyes of these fools, where is that madness, where is the madness that was in these fools? Another tantric wandering was also found. Aghori was found. He too chanted many mantras and got them chanting. He said that in meditation, sit on the chest of the dead and chant this mantra and God did that too. He said, he also has to eat corpse meat in meditation. Alcohol will also have to be drunk in meditation. He did what was lost from everywhere.

Everyone did what was said in meditation and finally it was found out that the foolish tantric wanted to get the past perfected. This was the first event of life when God interviewed ghosts and other phantoms in life and also saw many hundred-hundred feet person. Then the secret of that tantrik was revealed that he has nothing to do with religion.

He had nothing to do with God. He was a very small person who, after perfecting the ghosts, used to confuse people and loot their wealth and feed himself and his wife and his daughter. Later it was found out that his guru used to do the same and pretend to be religious as everyone is doing.

All the people who have met till now, one thing was the main thing that no one wants to earn bread for themselves. All of them were wearing this costume only so that people would be considered religious and offer donations. And if you look carefully, you will also find that the religious leaders of all religions remain religious only through costumes. Their main goal is only to get their feet Pujwana and religious Kalwana so that the money is available and the houses keep increasing.

But the one who is really thirsty for God, stops somewhere. It was probably 30 years running away. Eventually another disappointment took place. No one was found who claimed that according to my saying, let me go only for 1 year, I can show God. After all, the God who had seen so far. Many garlands had also spread many measures. But there was no trace of that God, that God, who was thirsty.

So thought that maybe all the scriptures lie, all the Buddha only lies. Perhaps God, God, Allah God, there is no such person. Any such thing is coined by a fictitious name. It is possible that the whole world is in confusion and looking for what is not there.

God also now sat in peace. Now there was no race left, no floor was left in life, now there was no search left. There was no going anywhere in life. Neither heaven was to be found, nor salvation, nor liberation, nor Baikuntha, nor anyone to be found, nor God, nor God, nor God. All were destroyed for the divine. There was only one thing. Sleeping in long sheets at night, eating, drinking and resting in the parks, doing their own business and there was no race left. There was also no desire. There was no wish either.

Finally God threw all the garlands. Kanthi, broke Janeu and threw it, cut the braid. Tilak, etc. were left. There is no trace left that will give the impression that I am religious. When God is not even interviewed, then how religious? How religious when God is not found?

Now there was nothing left to get in life, there was no left to reach anywhere. There was no spiritual practice, no solution. But such situation also did not last long. After all, something else was going to happen. Perhaps it was the call of his being, perhaps it was the knock of death that erased everything. Perhaps it was the beginning of that eternal life that led to an untoward event. The crow now sitting in the parks may not have been seen before. Now he started singing the song.

The leaves which were never seen on the trees, today the same leaves were seen dancing on the trees, at first the leaves on the trees did not look good and today the dry leaves lying under the trees also started dancing. Previously, where even flowers could not be seen, nothing could be seen from them. Today, thorns also started looking beautiful and started dancing with the gusts of wind. The pigeons started showing up daily. Hummingbird began to appear. Small butterflies seemed to dance in the ocean of bliss.

The sun and moon stars all started smiling. Then, on small stones, light on the stones also started dancing. The light which was there even before today, due to which we were seeing, that light had not been seen till date. Today that too started appearing. Today, light danced over dust particles. I felt today that all of us have got this whole nature in one thread.

Today it is known how beautiful the creation of God is, the crow is as beautiful as the cuckoo. The dog in it is as beautiful as the cow. Now the creation had become so beautiful. And all the conceptions of nature and God were also lost. Now neither this world nor the previous world was left. And neither was the former to see. Now perhaps that sukta stands in the form of eternal idol that he is seated in every particle.

Jarere is illuminating the same, today the whole world was not done. Today the world watcher was also new. A new vision was found and it was not any dream. This was happening with open eyes. It has been so many days, slowly the world has become like this. Then nothing changed. Everything is new there, God has also become new there. Then I came to know that the divine I was looking for is the one who is smelling. To the world. He only dances the universe. Now he started seeing the interview.

Began to see with open eyes. Now he too began to be seen and along with it his own life also started to be seen. And this is the thinking that can be seen on the same day you can see it, and on the same day you can see yourself, you can see it on the same day. After experiencing all this, God pledged to take the pleasure that the fun he has now, the madness he has received, should be given to the world. The God who has drunk the wine of his love should drink it to all those who want to drink it.

They too should be suffocated and come to know that this is intelligence. This is the incarnation of God. God descends on this stream. Completely descends from the center. The disappearance and birth of me happens simultaneously. There is no incarnation of God. God comes to the Buddha.

Only then was the name God. Because everyone here is divine. God became known. And you don’t know yet. You are also divine. If you also want to know the path of religion, then erase, move, sarco from the middle. And enjoy life. Join the celebration of his created creation.

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