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  1. In case if girls parents talks about any sort of cash, car or house in marriage, believe that there might be an issue in girl either mentally or physically or regarding education.
  2. The one who feels their girls burden, may search a family who is ready to accept their illiterate daughter and the one who is basically looking for dowry
  3. in case before marriage if girls keep any sort of condition like a girl doesn’t want to stay with boys parents, in that case boy say no directly to the girl.
  4. Till today, any bachelor boys haven’t sent their parents to old age home.
  5. Today, all over the world epidemic is going on and everyone is helping each other and might people must have understood that god is not a person. God is basically a beautiful life inside you, and like in trees, birds, animals, rivers and sea and it stays life time.
  6. the country which is giving more preference of milk to be pouring on any stone instead of offering to any kids those country kids will make your country bright
  7. The country which has more religion center instead of school, there public will be superstition and afflicted.
  8. Your spiritual master making you god fearing person in the name of dharma. That is why no one had achieved the level which is touched by the nanak, kabeer, buddha, mahavir and krishna.
  9. People should keep the coming generation name as which doesn’t pretend any religion caste creed.
  10. Before giving birth to any child parents must consult the doctor that they are absolutely fine with no health issues. If parents found any sort of health issues then shouldn’t bring new sick child to world.
  11. In marriage, if the age of the girl is five years older than the boy because the number of widows in the world will automatically decrease because girls live five years more than men.
  12. For population control we should guide the people whether they are in a position to handle child education or not.
  13. Better to do serve the people instead of god idols. 
  14. Instead of giving any donation in temples, rather 10-20 peoples make any association and may help poor kids for their education that in coming future we can have good society.
  15. We should serve milk to the child instead of pouring it on stone.
  16. The country who borrows to serve their spiritual guru and give more importance to their spiritual guru in comparison to oneself, what would be the future of that country u can think.
  17. You don’t live life at all; you take measure to escape from death.
  18. If the boy and the girl do not let their ego come in between, then the marriage will become more beautiful than heaven.
  19. Why doesn’t marriage last? Responsible for this, the boy girl is less and both the parents are more.
  20. If two boys and girl love each other then they can live together no matter what religion they belong to.
  21. There is no such bond required by society for a boy and a girl to live together.
  22. There will be a time when people will give more preference to love instead of marriage.
  23. People used to regret having a girl in the house, while in today’s time, the girl becomes the support of the parents.
  24. Educate your daughter that when she grows up, no one ask you for the dowry rather they should beg for your daughter.
  25. If the son turns out to be right, then one happiness comes out and if it is bad, then thousand sorrows and the daughter always seems to bad.
  26. The son makes the heaven of one home and the daughter makes the heaven of both the homes.
  27. The one who ask for the car in son’s marriage, please Reprimand the one who ask.
  28. The one who lives in live-in-relationship is not wrong from anywhere; it is the result of backward thinking that society thinks boy and girl wrong.
  29. No religion has any right to declare the marriage of any boy and girl is wrong. If the boy married with the wrong intention, then that boy is wrong.
  30. If both the boy and the girl belong to a different religion and are getting married, then they should keep the names of their children in such a way that the name doesn’t show any religion. So that the troubles they are facing today, due to being of opposite religion, it should not belong to their children.
  31. Life is just that you live a happy life.
  32. Don’t let the kid’s race for the 99% marks, let them live their life.
  33. Every second child in our country is a victim of sexual harassment for one reason or the other, so keep an eye on your children and the people around you.
  34. It is better to save trees, plants, animals, birds, help orphan poor children than to waste money in religious places.
  35. In a country where burning ghee and drinking urine is considered a religion, the people of that country are superstitious, no matter what, how it is surprising.
  36. Only Hindus nourish the cow and till the cow feeds, people nourish them and once cow stop giving mil they sell the cow to butcher and then snatching the same sold cow from that butcher, he kills that butcher. Who should be guilty? A butcher, A Hindu or A cow.
  37. You keep on killing your daughter in the womb for giving birth to a son, look carefully in society whose family is happy with their 40-45 year old married son.
  38. If we talk about our Hindu culture, then see whether there are old age homes in Hindu culture.
  39. Our country is the only one where the relationship of woman and men is condemned by addressing it in the name of work not love. Whereas all over the world that relationship is called love. Think for yourself that we are right or the world is right?
  40. If you are thinking of doing your own marriage on the basis of dowry, then keep in mind that you will have to give money to him at every step, in every difficulty.
  41. Why is there dowry system in our own country? Have you ever thought? Because you never thought of making your daughter stand on your feet, always your thinking was bad, according to the tradition of your own scriptures, the daughter should be kept under the supervision of the father since her childhood, then the brother’s, then the husband’s and in the end he has to be under the supervision of his own son. You never gave that girl open sky.
  42. A daughter can forgive seven mistake of a father and a son counts seven times even at a small mistake of his father. Still, a person of orthodox belief wants daughters to die in the womb.
  43. All your religions condemn sex, women’s are called the door to hell still also person wants her daughter or sister to get married to a man not to a neuter. Even then also you don’t think your religion is giving you wrong teachings?
  44. By becoming a cow protector, you do not know how many you have killed, but still the killing of cow has not stopped. Don’t look for the butchers but find those Hindus who sold sick and old cows to the butchers in the greed of money. And punish them and see that the issue will be over from the root.
  45. Countries where there is no pretense of religion, those countries have made more progress and even today, the country where only conservative ideologies are recognized is still backward you see yourself. Like all Muslim countries!! Would you still like to wash away the pretense of religions? I am talking about the arrogance of all religions.
  46. If man has to be happy in this world only and if you want human civilization to survive in future and to be happy, all of you will have to renounce the ideologies, orthodox traditions of your own imaginary religions. Because it’s making you unhappy. You have to find some other option.
  47. Some countries like this: Where parent’s son and daughter take a bath in the same pool after getting naked you think that culture is wrong. Just think carefully, would a father in that culture even look at his daughter with the wrong eyes? But you are seen opposing the small clothes of girls. Look carefully in which culture the person living is better.
  48. You are wandering in the name of religion and you are ready to die. Whereas, the religion which Krishna, budha , Mahavira, Mohammed Jesus and Nanak have found that religion, then you don’t know anything about that religion. Either you are right or this Buddha is right. Decide on your own.
  49. There is no meaning of religion with your Hindu Muslim Sikh Christian Buddhist or Jain. Dharma means your awakening. The moment you open your eyes you are religious.
  50. How ironic that you are born as Brahma and die as Hindu Muslim?
  51. If worshipping idols is considered by the priest, then I say that all of you should bring the idol to your house and stop going to religious places outside and donating and see that you’re said religious guru will declare your idol wrong.
  52. People who believe in the religions of the whole world are following all the laws and regulations according to their religions to attain happiness still the world is sad. Why? And animals, birds, trees, plants are not doing anything, yet it is eternal. Maybe you are doing wrong? Pleasure is the nature of man and your religious teacher has forced you in the wrong direction by forcibly making you feel guilty and has thrown you into sorrow and this is the reason for your sorrows.
  53. All Hindus talk about saving their culture but no one sees that there was no institution like old age ashram in our Hindu culture. You are not saving the culture. You are just playing the politics in the name of religions. 
  54. In the name of serving the cow, some Hindu organizations are doing only politics and those Hindu organization are least interested in serving the cow.
  55. All Hindus try to show their strength by bringing Kavad and all Muslims try to show their strength by offering Namaz on the road and you have nothing to do with the religion.
  56. You cannot understand that all of you are mentally being run by others, some by the ideology of Hindu and some by Islam. And all you consider yourself to be free?
  57. Relhious gurus do not get God throughout his life because the ego of considering himself superior does not allow him to bow down.
  58. Once upon a time there was a mahavir and budha name and fame, once upon a time, Arya Samaj had name and fame, once upon a time, there was a story of God everywhere, Today Sai and Shani having name and fame.  Everyone has come and gone but you still don’t understand.
  59. 70 years ago, only the idol of Laxmi Narayan and shivling used to be in the temples. Slowly the quantity of idols is increasing and you got stuck in a well thought out idea!! And you say you want salvation. Think you are free or bound.
  60. There was a time when Santoshi Mata’s praises was sung all around and today Sai and Shani are praises everywhere. Then you didn’t understand it’s all just marketing stunt and to seduce you all to donate money.
  61. Do not call the pundit in the marriage, there would be no benefit, explain  your girl, to take 7 rounds towards mother-in-law’s father-in-law’s And keep your family together all your life.
  62. Hindu Muslim religion is not a religion; religion is only that you learn to live life.
  63. If you make life a festival then you are religious otherwise you are Hindu Muslim and nothing else.
  64. The pundit who is telling your future today also could not see that the person of his own family would die in this current epidemic. Still you believe in the future tell by your pandit.
  65. Till date, even the amount of blood that man has shed in the name of religion, you do not understand that all this is a deception in the name of religion.
  66. Do you know what a sharp sword is Dharma, on which thousands have been cut and millions of people are ready to cut ourselves?
  67. A wise person who has attained to enlightenment can get you out of the web of sin and virtue.
  68. I am told by your Mahatma that I should speak about some religious texts. When I asked what did your religious texts give you apart from bread? So those Mahatmas would have no answer.
  69. Hindus problems are cured by going to Hindu temples and Muslim problems are cured by going to mosques. Still you didn’t get that your religious guru are playing with your mind.
  70. There will be no benefit to construct the temple in the name of any Buddha and there will be no benefit for chanting in the name of Buddha. The benefit is only to just open your eyes and see the truth.
  71. Young actors are dying of depression everyday in front of you but still you don’t understand that that we don’t fall prey to depression and live life with fun.
  72. You are all religious yet you are a victim of depression and your religions are not making you happy. Once you walk on my path and see, maybe you will be happy. Otherwise leave it as you are already sad and what will be worse for you.
  73. Watch yourself carefully! You are born as Brahma and die as Hindu Muslim
  74. You are born with God only and on the pretext of pundit priests you are searching for the same God and you are getting unhappy. Like going out on a silly afternoon and looking for the light. Where will you get the light?
  75. You had to live God and under the control of foolishness, you are searching for the same God by imbibing the same God. That is, wearing glasses are searching for glasses.
  76. Even if you listen consciously to my words, then you get enlightenment.
  77. God is nearer than near and your Foolish religious guru explains to you that God resides on the seventh heaven.
  78. If by being naked one would have attained Dharma or by wearing saffron one would have attained Dharma, then all the sages would have become righteous. But do they look religious?
  79. Wherever you are, you are perfect! You don’t have to reach anywhere.
  80. Buddha’s life has becomes a dance But you have to dance in the temple too.
  81. Pigeon Dog and Thorns rejoice all! But man is sad. When will you admit your mistake? Break these made-up shackles and declare your own freedom.
  82. When you will have the see God, that time you will also recognize it is your life only.
  83. You say that the lamp burns but have you ever seen a lamp burning? Oil burns? Only the one who is sitting inside you as a conscious person receives God. Hindu Muslim is just an illusion.
  84. Closing the eyes doesn’t eliminate the fear of an ostrich too. Similarly, leaving everything to God does not change the society. If you want to change the society, change the country, then get up, go ahead, make a civilized society and contribute to making an intelligent society.
  85. In Germany Friedrich Nietzsche gave birth to a new revolution and emerged in the German world. Nietzsche gave birth to a new theism, he said that God in the form of man is dead and now you get up and raise the fate of the German. You have to catch the direction of revolution today.
  86. What is moral? What is immoral? One form of this cannot be the criteria. Moral is that which is the result of the predominance of the will of power. And the weakness of the immoral is present in its manifest form.
  87. All around, people dressed in religious costumes ambush and lay traps, ready to trap you and you don’t fall into their trap. You, your family, your society and your God who is within you since birth, is your perfect world in itself. Take pleasure in that and live this life given by God.
  88. You don’t have to go anywhere or get anything; you have God with you since birth. Come out of the race of religious places, pilgrimages, texts and foolish religious gurus and live this beautiful life given by God.
  89. The development of human personality is to live life of yours: and the rest of heavens, paradise, Baikuntha, Goloka, all are imaginary foolishness.
  90. The moment you will attain that supreme knowledge, on that day your ego will disappear and your salvation, heaven, Baikuntha Goloka Ram Krishna, also will be erased.
  91. The moment when all the sages, the sinners and the virtuous souls will be depart from the world, at the same time man will be seen rejoicing in his full dignity. Right now, according to your religious gurus, all are sinners, now your religious gurus have started to teach become sadhus and pious souls.
  92. When duality is gone, it will go completely and then only God will remain.
  93. In the supreme non-duality, there is only one and only one left, that soul and the Supreme Soul also disappear, that only something remains.
  94. In fact, the journey of spirituality starts from the relationship between the Guru and the disciple, and at the end of the relationship between the Guru and the disciple, the journey of spirituality ends. If the relationship between guru and disciple remains intact, then you are far from the destination.
  95. Just as your religious circumambulation ends where it begins. In the same way, the journey of spirituality begins from I and ends at the end of the self. And the rest of your religious gurus who are showing you the dreams of heaven Golok, Baikuntha, Siddhashram, they themselves doesn’t know anything. Your spiritual guru did not reach anywhere. they are spinning around themselves.
  96. Dvaita means darkness, Advaita means light. There is nothing else here other than this. What will you do meditation, or will you do chanting? Goloka, Siddhashram, where will you go?
  97. If you go to Vrindavan, they will teach you dasoahem! If you go Haridwar, they will teach you Shivoham! Both don’t know anything. You are all god. Neither be a slave nor Shiva, be whoever you are.
  98. Some want to reach heaven, some want to reach Goloka, and some want to reach Siddhashram. Where on earth no one wants to live actually. That means you are sad here. But enlightened person live happily ever after. Now either you are fine or the enlightened? Decide yourself.
  99. The soul is neither the size of a hair nor the size of your body. The soul is as vast as the sky. And the description in your books is only given by scholars who have only read the book, that’s why in ignorance they have also divided the soul. But the one who has done self-realization says that only one soul has covered the whole world and the soul has no size.
  100. In the light of the same lamp, someone does virtue and some sin but the lamp doesn’t involve in virtue and sin. Similarly, your body sometimes does sin and sometimes does virtue. But the one inside the body doesn’t have any relation with sin and virtue.
  101. I say you are God but you don’t believe. Because it’s the habit of birth, how will you accept it easily? There’s only one way to go, the one who has this habit leave it.
  102. What does the poor have to do with religion? Give him work so that he can live his life well. And your religious guru also wanted to beg from that poor man. And leave religion for those who have learned that money can’t make a man happy and satisfied.
  103. India’s forcibly made religious guru turned India in a wrong direction. The one who is educated give the nation to that who can run the country not in the hands of the religious guru.
  104. Wealth doesn’t come without effort. And you all think that by bowing your head in your religious place, you will become the owner of the property. With the grace of some foolish Guruji and Sadhguru will make you the owner of the property.
  105. The one who say god initially takes away all the wealth from them whom he love the most All of them are failures of their life; all of them have worn the cloth of religion just for begging.
  106. If the right education of religion was given right to the people, then today crore budha-Mahavir, Mohammad-Nanak would have been in this world.
  107. If India has to be raised above poverty, then it is most important that there should birth control and people should be encouraged to work hard in the world instead of wasting time in the work of religions.
  108. You are poor, the reason is not the sins of your past lives, but the reason for this is the mistakes of your current life that you do every day. And mistake you do in your daily life is that you never do hard work. You won’t study and you basically go to your religious places and beg.
  109. If India is to be taken forward in the world, then all of you have to be hardworking, otherwise no one would have been a Vishwa Guru by naming this Vishwa Guru. You are deceiving yourself.
  110. You are all older than by age but how will you grow up by your mind? Your mind is like a kid. Till now, in the name of religion, you are becoming happy only by making a game of idols.
  111. The guidance of our society has taken force fully by the illiterate person who is wearing only the clothes of religion, He himself is illiterate, and they will only teach you to run away from the world.
  112. Why our country is poor till date? Because our religious teacher reprimanded the poor by saying: This person’s last birth karma’s was wrong and when you keep such mentality, how will you be able to make from poor to rich. This sort of mentality is stupid.
  113. All your religious leaders say that heaven can be found by serving the poor, that is, the ladder to your heaven: poor? That’s why you all don’t want to find any way to remove poverty.
  114. India is such a God land: where crores of Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Jains, hidden in moral religious clothes, claim to be atheist.
  115. In all your religions (Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian et al.) there are remedies for sinfulness. And they were created in your religion so that you do sin and come to us, give us charity and your dharma guru will free you from your sin. How can any society be free from sin as long as there are measures to get rid of sins in the society?
  116. When you were young, you used to be happy by arranging the marriage of dolls. Till today you are happy to consider yourself to be righteous by marrying idols in the name of religion. Did anything change? Religion is a fire that burns in one enlightened man out of a million. And the same enlighten man is called Parmatma.
  117. Instead of trying to please others, try to make yourself happy without worrying about the whole world. If you are happy then others will also be happy by seeing you and when everyone starts making themselves happy then the whole world will be happy.
  118. As long as the people of India don’t come out from the clutches of fatalism, the star of India’s destiny will never touch the heights of the sky.
  119. Despite having so many religions, the society could not be happy and prosperous. Try one more experiment and that is that the contractors of any religion should not be allowed to teach religion in the society.
  120. Most important for you is your own life: and all other religions, karma, god, Allah, heaven, everything later. The day you understand this statement of mine, on that day you will be happy and take your first step.
  121. You all have divided yourself into smaller segments, so you cannot feel that one vast. Brahmin, Shudra, Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Christian, Jain are all divisions.
  122. Your scriptures say that no matter how hard a person tries, he cannot be saved from committing a sin. Lie! Ask yourself why have you not done despicable acts like blood and rape till date? Then the answer will come that you know that this work is bad, so don’t do it. That is, if you want, you can stay away from committing a sin. Just awareness of self should be awakened and this is what I am explaining to you.
  123. The fear of hell cannot stop you from committing sins, so I say awaken your awareness, then you will get away from your sin without any reason.
  124. God has made man in such a way that he should do sadhna and go to the abode of God. This line is completely false. This is the trick of a religious guru: to run his own shop. So that he can sell the remedy of Sadhna Siddhi.
  125. You say that you have got this birth for the sins you did in past lives, and then tell me what was the punishment for the first birth. And when we were in the abode of God, from where sin has come to mind. That is, there are sins even in the abode of God. And you say that man is free: but he is on earth, and he is also free in the abode of God: then why God is needed.
  126. You give importance to caste over religion, is it not enough to be human? I ask you to move away from Hindu-Muslim religions and become human.
  127. I guide you that you should stay away from these religious pits and no one has explained me, this is my own experience: I have seen those caves. That’s why I am saying that life is only to be lived: live it to the fullest.
  128. One who has learned by living life, which earns his livelihood and eats and teaches you something from his life, take education of some religion from him? Not from those who, changing religious clothes, grew up on your pieces, and called you sinners and hellish creatures. Your entire religious gurus are sitting in a trap to take away your money just by misguiding you.
  129. Only a few people know the mystery of blue sky, only a few people can understand the mystery of birth and death. Otherwise, all of you go away after living this life in a dream.
  130. There is no more difference between music and noise, if any instrument is played without melody, then it is noise and if it played with melody, then music. In the same way, the world which you call dukhalayam, untrue, ashashvatam, in the same way the enlighted person live life with Truth, Eternal, Bliss. Read this method again and again and laugh at your own stupidity.
  131. If you start hitting the water in a systematic way, then you yourself will learn to swim. Similarly, if you start living life with your eyes open, then you get Dharma from that life. But all of you have started to learn acrobatics like the circus man. That’s why neither you received any religion nor god.
  132. This life is a puzzle: in which you keep entangled. Enlightened person finds the solution, he becomes cool and jumps and starts dancing and you go to the temple mosque to find him. But have you ever heard about anyone who has got a solution from the temple mosque? You get the truth from the experience of life not visiting temples and mosque.
  133. Money is valuable to some, peace to others! Both do not live together. You just see what you want? One who runs after money is also unhappy, one who runs after God is also unhappy. Quiet only those who don’t need anything. Have you heard? Who so ever doesn’t want something is the emperor.
  134. The one who violated over the fear of death, only he lives with joy, the rest all are only god fearing person nothing else. They may be Hindu or Muslim but they are not spiritual.
  135. You drown, kill your ego!! Only then will you wake up. The one who drowns will wake up. It was explained you earlier also that the living drowns, the dead swim. This is the only way to attain spirituality, religion, enlightenment, God, liberation, salvation, nirvana. Otherwise remain be fool. Till today they were deceiving themselves by going to the temple mosque, keep doing the same even further.
  136. Those, whom you all call crazy, just look at their fun. And see for yourself have you reached your destination and or are still being done artificial means.
  137. All outer pilgrimages are cheating you and your inner pilgrimage will bring you to God. That’s why stop running outside temples, mosques, travel only inside.
  138. You are being deceived by the noise outside. Visit to a studio sometime and making an effort for 1-2 hours, that in peace, you may find a divine within you.
  139. Humans, mountains, plant, trees, animals, birds, rivers all are interconnected. And the combination of these is called Paramatma.
  140. Where is the fragrance of life in your bookish knowledge? All of them are based on logic; the fragrance of life is there in an enlightened man, which you can see from far.
  141. What can be said can be in books but it is equal to a drop. The rest of the infinite ocean is different which cannot be said but can be understood. And the one who understand is called enlightened, wise, God.
  142. You say where do the earth and the sky meet? I say see inside yourself! You are not able to see that this is the hindrance of your religions. Rise above the clutches of religions and everything will be visible.
  143. When you are ready for spirituality, nature itself guides you. Those are the tricks of your religious gurus; they catch you and give you the illusion of being Hindu-Muslim without any reason. If you can escape from them, then one day you will become religious and you yourself will experience that God.
  144. Earlier there were 8-10 children in the houses and out of the 2-4 would even die because doctor facility was not available. Today there are 1-2 children in houses and they are also saved because man is educated and he has learned to live life without relying on luck or gods and goddesses.
  145. While living in the body, attachment to the body is natural. And as per the guidance of your foolish religious guru, you started giving up the life and started considering yourself as inferior. What’s inside the body, that God, and God’s attachment to the world is not wrong. Don’t come in foolish people talks.
  146. If you are ready then nature will reveal all its secrets to you by itself and your preparation should be that you should empty yourself from inside. And all of you have filled yourself with Hindu-Muslim disturbances.
  147. You too have to rise up to hear the voice from beyond the clouds so break all the pegs below and get up. Then you too will be able to hear the music of that brahma. You don’t have to satisfy yourself in the name of brahmanaad by playing 1000 sitars like shri shri 1008.
  148. You will not gain anything from books. To reach him one has to take a long jump in the ocean of infinity. Where you just drown where you just disappear.
  149. Whenever a person reaches the summit, he has to give up the path even the stairs on which he reached the summit. Only then can he say: He has reached the summit. That’s what happens with Enlightenment Person. When they reach it, then it becomes natural to give up religions from them. He doesn’t give up, it just happens.
  150. You sacrifice yourself only then you can taste the silence. And once you feel the taste of silence, rest you all forget.
  151. The fragrance of those who walk on the path of truth is the same, as the budha, Mahavir, Kabir, Nanak, Farid, Meera, Tuka Re Das, Ravidas all seem to be more than one.
  152. A different kind of peace is reflected in the eyes of the enlightened man and you will not find that peace in the eyes of any Hindu-Muslim Mahatma.
  153. The answers to all your questions are around you but your Foolish religious gurus are misleading you by opening shops that’s why you’re wandering. Wait look at yourself. The answers to your questions will be found within you.
  154. The day you put your life at stake, the same day God will appear in front of you with his outstretched arms. But you have bound yourself in all your surroundings. What will you stake? You have bound yourself in the name of religion.
  155. The day when there is morning, on the same day your God will also have morning with you. Your eyes will open and you will see that vast. That morning will come sometime. One day yours will also come, only a few moments are left.
  156. The moment you have morning, your awareness will also be awaken, at that very moment everything will be beautiful. Flowers and spins crows and cuckoos, cows and dogs too. And before that the cow is revered and 84 condemnable.
  157.       The one who has tasted it has become enlightened and the rest remain foolish.
  158. He comes like a flood and takes away everything in his aftermath, takes away you too.
  159. You have to find its door yourself but you are busy walking on the old path. How will you reach?
  160.         He was very courageous!! Budha, Mahavir, Mohammad, Krishna, Nanak. Those who found their own door. They didn’t wear the bed of your scriptures.

He was very courageous!! Budha, Mahavir, Mohammad, Krishna, Nanak. Those who found their own door. They didn’t wear the bed of your scriptures.

  1. There was a time when the Budhaa had opened his door. Today I am sitting with the door open. The one who has to cross will come and pass.
  2. The one who tied himself will be tied to the old thoughts.
  3. Those who memorize the scriptures like a parrot, they will never be able to understand that God.
  4. We have given the name of religion to those who are our rituals and nothing else.
  5. A child born in the house of a Hindu adopts the rites of a Hindu, that of a Muslim born in the house of a Muslim. Who found religion?
  6. One who has attained it has become a Buddha, has become a religious person, and has become a God. And all the rest remained as Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians only.
  7. All of you have accepted your own rituals as religion.
  8. In a world in which there are lakhs and crores of Pandits, priests, saints, Mahatmas, mullahs. The fate of that country should have changed but it has not changed. You guys have done something wrong.
  9. In a country of crores of saints and Mahatmas, in a country of mystics, there should have been Diwali every day; you deceive yourself by celebrating Dev Diwali for one day.
  10. In a country where there are lakhs of saint, Eid and diwali was to be held every day. Every night the moon of Eid had to shine on this earth. But it is not visible. You guys are doing something wrong.
  11. Look at the misfortune of this country, of this Devbhoomi. Here the reins of religion! Fell in the hands of the foolish and everything turned upside down.
  12. Sadhu, saint, mahatma, sannyasi, fathers, gland! All were left to collect the coins. God fell out of hand. When and where god fell from his hand perhaps no one knows.
  13. What religion you have learned? Where everything is learned out of greed. The greed for virtue, the greed for heaven.
  14. You go to the temple for the desire of heaven, you get married for the desire of happiness, and you give birth to children for the desire of getting happiness in old age.
  15. You go to pilgrimage for the desire of virtue, you donate for the desire to get the new birth next life, you chant for the desire of Baikunth, and the wish is the same.
  16. Watching carefully that there is not a single act in your life that is devoid of desire and you repeat the teachings of the Gita. Don’t worry about the fruit; you keep on doing your work.
  17. There is another way of life where there is no desire. Where the head is also bowed, but not because of anyone’s desire.
  18. The day you find it, a continuous stream flows from within you that are desireless.
  19. Meditation is not the name of sitting with one’s eyes closed as an idol. Real meditation is that which keeps happening while walking, eating and drinking.
  20. Righteousness is desire free life. Where you also love, you also live life; you live life with wife and children but no desire.
  21. God appears in your life only when you give up the path of greed. The path of liberation, the path of knowledge, the path of salvation is different and the path of greed is different.
  22. There is no animal and bird other than religious men who have the instinct of greed.
  23. A worldly man does not have as much greed as a man who is called religious.
  24. Look around yourself. The flower is blooming, the tree reveals the fruits, the crow sings the song, the dog plays its drumbeat, the river is plucking the strings of the veena, and the ocean is doing Brahma Nath in the middle all are without greed.
  25. The Crow, the dog, the cuckoo! They are neither going to Baikunth, nor Goloka, nor liberation still happy! You have to go baikunth, but still sad?
  26. Neither Animals nor birds want to reach Baikuntha, but Still blissful. And you want to go baikuntha but still sad?
  27. A single man does everything out of greed. But crow, cuckoo, dog, all are singing the song of God and that too without greed.
  28. The crow rejoices in singing songs, the rivers are happy in flowing. Where is man lost? Where has the joy of man gone?
  29. The blooming of flowers, the music of rivers, the rising of the sun, the singing of birds, are all endowments in themselves. This is not a tool. And this is the stage of ultimate knowledge. This is what I teach you.
  30. The way of greed makes every action a means. The path of supreme knowledge makes everyone attainable. That’s why I say that God is not so far away, you have closed your eyes, and you are looking in different way.
  31. As soon as your way of seeing changes, in the same way God will appear immediately.
  32. I say that if you also want to attain that state of supreme knowledge, then you need a proper way to attain that goal. It is a different way of looking at life.
  33. Buddha sees God here itself, but you see everything in the future.
  34. Buddha’s way of living life is something different, he sees God here itself, he sees love here itself and he becomes an enlightened man.
  35. Buddha gave the theory! Ahinsa Paramo Dharma! You didn’t even understand. You sat holding on to non-violence. You did not even see the love that was flowing from the top of the enlightened personality.
  36. Those Jains who believe that there is no blood in Mahavira’s body, milk runs, those were the words of a Buddha. He must have seen the love flowing inside Mahavira, so he must have said it. But you went on defining only blood and milk.
  37. Milk does not run in Mahavira’s veins, these were the words of Buddha. Milk means pure love nothing else. Does a man ever survive because of milk flowing in his veins?
  38. Buddha’s way of looking at the world is different. The fountain of love flows within the Buddha and say that love is towards the world or towards God. You will not understand anything.
  39. Buddha says that the world is God, love the world and you love Hindus, Muslims depending upon their religion and casteism.
  40. Buddha says you love. You say that a love vessel will come and then only you will love. That’s how you miss and this way you go on missing from that divine.
  41. You worship God only out of selfishness and where is the love in you?
  42. Neither interprets any meaning from the Gita, nor give your statement on the Quran. Ask the one who came as Krishna, the one who came as Mohammed, the one who came as Jesus and Buddha.
  43. Rich people collect money and your religious people are gathering knowledge of books. There isn’t any difference between the two. Both are far from God.
  44. The method of amassing is madness, whether money or God.
  45. Some are running after wealth, some are running after God, where is peace to both of them?
  46. First you used to have craving for money and then you started having craving for God, the craving remained the same.
  47. Children are happy to play with dolls and you are happy to play with idols. There is no difference between you and children.
  48. If the one who wrote your books had reached there, he wouldn’t have written any method. There is no way to get it! Because there is no distance.
  49. Earlier they used to collect money, now they started collecting virtue. The beggar Pan remained the same.
  50. Stupidity does not mean foolishness, but the idea which is not knowledge but has taken it as knowledge.
  51. There is only one obstacle in attaining it, that which is not a religion, you have accepted it as a religion.
  52. The one who knows the truth, only he knows what the truth is.
  53. Some of you have heard that God is there; some of you have heard that Allah is. No one has felt it.
  54. Here everyone is believed and no one wants to know. This is the only obstacle in the search for truth.
  55. More than half you become religious because you want to be part of a big crowd.
  56. Why did you become a Mahatma, the wife died or there was nothing to eat?
  57. Some are politicians and some religious leaders. There is no difference. You are just religious.
  58. Buddha explains again and again to leave everyone. But you remain Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian.
  59. One who wants to be religious has to give up all hypocrisy.
  60. You die and come to me, will show you god in a moment.
  61. Some get satisfied by the name of God and some fill their stomach by chanting the name. No one has tasted the divine.
  62. A guru is one who awake you, that unites you, that unite you with supreme, teaches you prayer and at the end make you like himself.
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