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Parmatmana was born in October 1967 in Delhi, his old name is Vipin, whom the whole world knows today as Parmatmana. Parmatmanaalways believed from the very beginning that one who is really thirsty always digs his well in some way or howsoever. With this idea, Parmatmana stepped into the field of his business in 1989. From the very beginning, Parmatmanawas a man of struggle, that’s why Parmatmana earned a lot of money in the field of business and at the same time he went on helping the needy people financially.

Parmatmanahas always been a simple and noble person.Parmatmana kept believing that whoever wants to achieve anything here, he himself has to achieve the goals by walking on his own feet, whether it is business or religion.

From 1989 to 1997, Parmatmanaran a factory manufacturing a TV set and then entered the service industry. Parmatmana was serving people to clean the outer facia outside the shops and factories.

Since Parmatmana was a man of struggle from the beginning, so soon after coming into this business, within a few months, Parmatmana increased this business a lot and expanded his work in Delhi and the surrounding area.

Parmatmana’s business which started with a few pennies was now generating lakhs of rupees per month. Parmatmana had a passion for living a luxurious life from the very beginning, so Parmatmana kept five Luxurious cars for himself and at the same time he was thirsty for religion.Parmatmana always evaluates certain questions and wanted to make adjustments to get to the heart of what you want to know? Who is God after all? Is God the Truth? What is the main purpose of life? What is the relation of God to us?

Due to all this, Parmatmana also started the Hare Krishna movement around the year 1995 and spent 18-20 years there, where did a guru say to chant 16 rounds there and Parmatmana did 108 rounds daily. Where did someone tell to observe Ekadashi fast, then Parmatmana gave up cereal food for 5 years and fasted.

But is it well known that such folly does not lead to a realization of the truth about God or life?

God is far away from these follies. But this act become the cost of reaching God/the Truth/ the Supreme Soul. And God / the Truth/ the Supreme Soul is priceless. Well, as the Mahatma used to tell the foolish act, so the Parmatmana used to do it. He also built a big house to live in Vrindavan, did parikramas, did bathing in the Ganges thousands of times.The thirst was not quenched but kept on increasing.Hare Krishna movement used to take donations in the name of religion. They usually added people to their crowd, expanded their circle, and showed the worldand they did not even have ordinary water to quench the thirst.

 Just like life was moving forward, money was increasing from business and the desire for religion was growing inside.The inner loneliness was being tormented because of the desire to reach the truth.Such days were passing that suddenly Parmatmana got an Aghori, his name was ‘Dineshanand’.He used to say that he has done the tantra rituals inthe cremation ground and he can help Parmatmana to get the realization of God / truth. The one who is really thirsty has no choice, either to die of thirst or to die digging wells from place to place. Death is certain. There is a ‘well’ ahead and a ‘moat’ behind.

Well,Parmatmana again turned towards digging a new well and went again in search of God/truth and grabbed the hand of that Aghori. Be with him, Parmatmanalearned many types of sadhna but all in vain. If you found God at any cost, everyone would have got it. But still, a path cannot be assessed in a year whether it is correct or not. In today’s society, all of you are not able to assess even after spending your whole life. From 10 years you started chanting “Rama Rama” or “AllahAllah.”Today you are 80 – 90 years old and still cannot understand whether this act is right or wrong & what is its result. Parmatmana also thought that at least 3 to 4 years observation must be done.But Parmatmana did not get the truth from the people of Hare Krishna, nor did he have self-realization, after all, it will happen somewhere.

While living with the Aghori for some time, Parmatmana came to know that Aghori is a poor man who does not even have arrangements for his own food, he lived on his wife’s income, and he asked Parmatmana for his daily food ration arrangement. Aghori was associated with Parmatmana forthe arrangement of the family and the marriage of his daughter.Aghori was no longer concerned with religion/God/self-realization.

After some time, when there was discussionabout the marriage of that Aghori’s daughter, removing his all worries, Parmatmana took all the responsibility of the expenses on his shoulders. But within 3 – 4 years, Parmatmana came to know that the poor person is containing nothing from both inside and outside i.e., even from wealth and self-realization.

Only then Parmatmana came to know many things that those Aghori used to wear religious clothes only to rob the people of money, as all the Mahatmas are doing in today’s society. He had no knowledge about religion and God at all. Parmatmana also came to know that that Aghori had learned some amazing practices of performing miracles, by showing which he earns the expenses of his house, he had learned all these activities from his foolish Guru ‘Nikhilshanand’.Later on searching, another truth in front of Parmatmana that his Guru and his three sons also do the same thing and rob people’s money by fooling them by running a fear shop named “Bhoot and Pret”.

Well, Parmatmana move ahead from there too! Now the evening of life had taken a turn and even Parmatmana got tired of running in the race to search God.Sitting on the shore he was thinking that he got out of this race and it could be that God would not exist at all, or would have ever died before.After all, sitting alone on the banks of the rivers, in the gardens, near the trees, among the birds,

A new incident happened one day

that nature which seemed dead to Parmatmana before, today that nature has become alive. Parmatmana saw that everything is dancing like trees & plants, flowers, leaves, grass, etc., and all-around smiles and happiness spread like waves in the consciousness.

The crow which was making noise till yesterday is singing the sound of Vedas, and the dog which was barking till yesterday is playing the drum to welcome God. All the living beings like animals, birds, & insects, trees were swinging & singing and welcoming by standing in front of God. Parmatmana looked all around, today the life around had changed.

According toParmatmana’s age, the evening of life had set, but in the same evening the sun within Parmatmana had risen.

On one side it was evening and on the other side a morning which was never going to set, today that morning came again as a new God, the God whom Parmatmana was looking for since birth, the God was dancing standing in front of the flowers, in the thorns, in the trees, in the grass, in the dry leaves, in the crow, and in the cuckoo! All of them were dancing and expressing their gratitude for their lives in front of this supreme soul.

Parmatmana also experienced his awakening after seeing all those awakened,

That God who is pounding in everyone, is also pounding in me, that the supremesoul whom Parmatmana was searching till today in the idols of dead soil or were doing a foolish fantasy of looking into meditation with eyes closed.

That life is contained in me and in the whole creation, that life which is throbbing in me and in this infinite vast, that life is the truth, God exists. That opulence that is described in the scriptures, that opulence is scattered all around.

Parmatmanarealized his own stupidity today that what mistake he was doing, the life that is beating inside; under the influence of the words of others, Parmatmana was looking for him outside. Today Parmatmana came to know that the God whom he was looking for till today, is himself.

Today Parmatmana has come to know who is the Supreme Soul, and that is what I am.

Today that illusion of God is also broken that what is available after attaining God. Today Parmatmana has realized that after reaching God there is nothing left, only what he had got, he becomes aware of it and what is there. Whom we were born with since birth and we were sitting there forgetting, it becomes aware there only.

Today only Parmatmana is spreading the same knowledge to the world that you are there what you are looking for.God can never be seen in stone and clay idols, from temples and mosques of brick and mortar. If really you want to find God, then kill the ego ‘me’ i.e., ‘ego’ i.e. I am Hindu, I am Muslim, I am Christian, I am Sikh. Kill them all (kill the ego completely) and God will appear immediately.

Today, millions of people all over the world know Parmatmana and following in the footsteps of Parmatmana, they are realizing that God and all of them have given up shops like temples, mosques, churches, gurudwaras forever, because when you see the same God dancing and singing in every particle, then who gets confused. All of them have become self-realized.

Yes! they are not chanting any rosary like fools, but they believe in ‘AhamBrahmasmi’ that ‘I’ don’t exist, there is only God. I am what you are (God and you are the only difference of understanding). What was going wrong till now Parmatmana was looking for a supreme soul by becoming ‘I’ and God does not appear where ‘I’ exists.

And all of you are doing the same mistake, all of you are looking for God by becoming a Hindu, I am a Muslim, I am a Sikh, I am a Christian and that is why you are still empty-handed.

Parmatmana has opened the door of the word that is enlightenment for all the people of the world.

Parmatmanahas found a new door to reach God today.

Parmatmanahas reached there by following the same path.

If you also want to reach God,then you have to do self-realization and if you want to become enlightened then hold the finger of Parmatmana today.

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