Seeking The Divine Within Yourself

Every human around you is looking for divinity. Parmatmana asks Why to search for divinity around you when it can be found within yourself. With every transformation you go through, you come closer to learning more about yourself. You reach happiness, satisfaction, liberation, awakening, and enlightenment.

These can only be achieved through self-realization and self-awareness. We need to seek and find our authentic selves. Knowing ourselves or self-introspection results in our tremendous growth.

Parmatmana says that the process of knowing yourself and finding the divinity within yourself is a complete journey in itself that may take a lot of time to accomplish. But during this whole time, you have to be determined, perseverant, and full of strength to face the challenges and truth that come your way.

Parmatmana further explains that the process involves throwing away the human ego and your concept of ‘self’. Also, you need to break away from the shackles that bind you to your past and stop you from growing. This includes conventional beliefs, insufficient knowledge, and misconceptions about the religion.

To find divinity within yourself, you need to overcome your weaknesses, enhance your strengths, develop your conscience, and develop your spiritual qualities. You will eventually lead to identifying the divinity within yourself.

Towards the end of this journey, not only do you attain liberation and happiness but you will also feel as if the purpose of your life is fulfilled. You will feel as if you found God within yourself while you were trying to search for him everywhere.

How To Find Divinity Within Yourself?

Finding divinity within yourself is a process that requires a lot of development, determination, and dedication from your side.
Parmatmana listed some important aspects of how to find divinity within yourself are:

Spiritual Development

You have to let go of your ego or pride as you are on a path that will make you attain humility. The ego that you possess makes you too much involved and obsessed with the term ‘self’, which doesn’t let you even get closer to God.

Any man-made label like ethnicity, religion, interest, identity, wealth, or race, is what makes your ego-self more dominant and visible. This ego is an outer layer that you show to the world and this outer layer is what prevents you from knowing the inner divine self.

Healthier Mind

Parmatmana advises making your mind healthy and clear by removing all the negative thoughts that prevent you to go towards your divine self. Some of the ways to do so are:

  • Do not dwell on the negatives and do not accept negativity as something ultimate in your life.
  • Even a small positive quality of yours is worth counting and do not ignore it.
  • Do not jump to conclusions without even waiting for the whole thing to be explained.
  • Do not reason your qualities from your emotions but rather dwell on your thinking capabilities to reason out your strengths and qualities.
  • Do not blame yourself or other people for the things that you weren’t responsible for.

Evolving Faith

The search for your divine self is a spiritual journey that evolves and transforms your faith. Some of the key aspects of evolving faith are:

  • You don’t see God as an inaccessible mystery but you work on finding God within yourself.
  • You gain a new perspective of God which is different from what everybody believes and what had been taught to you since childhood.
  • You see God as being inseparable from you and he becomes an important part of your journey.
  • Your mind, soul, consciousness, and reasoning develop maturely through this journey.
  • You understand the faults within the institutionalized religion.
  • You explore and respect your inner God more than anything else.

Divinity And Self-introspection

Self-introspection leads you to know mysterious things about yourself that you never knew before. It enables you to explore yourself more, know your power, and reveal fascinating information about yourself.

It helps you gain clarity about yourself, polishes your skills and abilities, and helps you gain confidence. It makes you evolve into a better person.

Divinity is the belief in a divine source residing within yourself. It is finding your untouched inner God. Parmatmana says that self-introspection and divinity go hand in hand.

Self-introspection is an important aspect of the spiritual journey towards divinity. Your clear consciousness, pure character, and soul help in growing throughout this journey.

The transformation is such that you do not treat God as an object in your mind but you treat him as a pure subject that is “you”.

Divinity makes you see things with a universal perspective with self-awareness and self-knowledge. You become selfless and shun down your ego. You become nurturing, Compassionate, and empowering.

Therefore, this journey of finding and seeking divinity within yourself transforms you into a person who throws away negativity, shuns down the human self or ego, and liberates your thoughts. You let go of all the emotional attachments that had linked and clung you to the primitive notions and institutions that you believed in earlier. Because in the end, God is within us, God is all of us.

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